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Why should I have my gutters cleaned?

The gutters on your rental property collect rainwater from the roof. They carry it away from the foundation of the property through downspouts.

Over time, gutters can become clogged with leaves, insects, nests, sticks and other obstructions – particularly over the winter months when storms can affect nearby trees.

Regular maintenance and gutter clearing are essential for a couple of reasons. When debris builds up, it stops your gutters from functioning the way they should.

If you haven’t given much thought to your gutters, don’t worry. You’re not alone! Gutter cleaning is pretty easy to put off. It’s not an easy chore to do, let alone an enjoyable one – but it is important.

It’s relatively easy to know when your gutters need a clean. A well-built gutter will be able to handle most normal periods of rainfall. If you notice that your gutters are beginning to drip or overflow, it’s a sign that they need a clean (or a professional inspection).

You may also notice that birds will hang around your roof if they spot pooling water caused by blocked guttering.

As a general rule, it’s worth having your gutters cleaned once a year. The best time to look at them is in autumn or winter, once the trees surrounding your home have shed their leaves.

However, you may need to clean your gutters more than once a year. Trees shed throughout the year and often during the hot summer months. If leaves start blocking your gutters during summer, you could have a fire risk. Clearing debris is essential if you live in a bushfire-prone area.

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