Rental inspections are not a test to see how tidy your house is. In fact, they’re designed to identify any problems that could require maintenance or repair and to ensure the place is being looked after.

In most cases, the property manager will walk through the rental property and note down any problems to review when they return to their office.

They will also note down any new damage they’ve seen at the property or things that could violate your rental agreement (like hiding Fido when your agreement says ‘no pets’).

How do I best prepare for a routine inspection?

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your rental inspection runs smoothly.

Notify your property manager if there has been any change to your mobile number, bank details or email address. This will keep the lines of communication open. It’ll also make it easier to notify you if any problems come up during or after the inspection.
If you have pets, keep them secured during the rental inspection.
Note down any repair or maintenance problems you notice in the quarter leading up to the inspection and fill out the necessary maintenance request forms.

Prepare your home with this routine rental inspection checklist –

LIGHTS – Do all your lights work? Switch them on and off to double-check. Consider looking at the light fittings for loose cables

WALLS – The condition of your walls is important. If you’re renting, small ‘wear and tear‘-style cracks shouldn’t worry you, but note them down, so you’re not hit with any surprise costs.

PLUMBING – Check your taps? a dripping tap can add extra (unwanted) costs to your utility bills. If you have a dripping tap, it could be as simple as replacing a washer. When you turn the taps on, listen for any strange sounds. It wouldn’t hurt to check under your sink for possible leaks.

SURFACES – Clean away any residual debris and wiping down exposed surfaces.

BATHROOMS – Check that sink, mirror, shower and bathtubs are clean. Toilets are also cleaned and flushed, to check for leaks or cracks.

CUPBOARDS – Check the hinges of your cupboards and joins of your shelves

OVENS and RANGEHOODS – Give your stove a clean, run your finger over the range hood and give the stovetop an extensive scrub.

WINDOWS and DOORS – Check the handles and locks on everything where appropriate. Sliding doors and windows can easily fall into disrepair.

OUTSIDE – Sweep around the exterior of your property and clear any cobwebs away.

GARAGE – If your property comes with a garage, check the doors. Do they work properly? Ensure the whole space is kept relatively clean and well-organised.

GARDENS and OUTSIDE GATES – If your property has gates or a garden, look over them as well. Make sure your lawn is watered and that any weeds are removed.

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